Thursday, June 21, 2012

Step Up

MANY dogs- most even, suffer horribly from parasites and mange
Thailand is not the place for a dog.

Unwanted, rejected, maligned and actively abused, dogs live a precarious, hungry and neglected life on the streets. While some citizens exercise compassion and care, the majority revile the dogs and actively abuse them.  In the hot, cloying atmosphere of the eastern city of Bangkok, water is a precious commodity and not easily accessed.  In a recent visit, long-time THS dog walker Dominque heard about an elderly, mange-ridden but friendly old boy who was horrifically beaten to death by police when a local resident complained that he had drunk out of a reservoir under his plant.
Rama - now safe in Canada
Dominique (and brother Luc) have a condo there.  Much of their time is spent feeding the hungry, sad dogs of Bangkok, bringing them in for vetting, spaying and neutering and treatment for the endemic scourge of mange - a condition which leaves them raw and bald, oozing fluids and blood which attract flies and vermin. 
Dominique feeding the pack
Dominique on his return from there recently brought back one of two street puppies that survived a horrific attack by a swarm of rats when born (and which killed and devoured the rest of the litter).  The Toronto Humane Society graciously accepted Rama who is currently out on foster but will be available for adoption soon.

For 10 years, a wonderful organization called SCAD made heroic efforts to help the animals of Bangkok. Cats, kittens, dogs and puppies were rescued, vetted, fed, watered and good homes found for them. Due to a variety of circumstances, SCAD now has to sadly close its doors. The people behind this wonderful and compassionate organization are desperately trying to find homes for the animals within their shelter.  They have already placed and/or transferred dogs and cats in a wide variety of good and compassionate homes and shelters.

But now scant weeks before they have to close permanently, they are still desperately seeking homes for the balance of the dogs. 

next blog... meet the pack

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