Tuesday, June 5, 2012

SHAME CBC ... Toto Auditions label certain dogs as "menacing" and Dangerous Dogs

Auditions for Toto in the production of Over the Rainbow clearly indicate MASSIVE prejudice towards pit bulls and other dogs that the producers arbitrarily and not very clearly label "menacing".  Please write to and voice YOUR disgust with their prejudicial and erroenous "rules.  Here's mine, sent at 11:15 today.

I should not be surprised or shocked to see what used to be a reputable and trustworthy news organization disseminate such drivel. In view of the cutbacks, the numerous articles and the brouhaha respecting whether CBC is or should remain a viable Canadian news source, one would think that CBC would put its best foot forward and show the world the quality and depth of its commitment and newsworthiness.

On the very first page of the Competition Rules, you state:
2. Eligibility

2.1 The Competition is open to all dogs (“Competitor Dogs”) that are at least one (1) year old, are legally entitled to be in Canada, and are not Dangerous Dogs. ... (emphasis mine) - then in the glossary you identify "Dangerous Dogs" as

A “pit bull” as defined in the Dog Owner’s Liability Act, a dog with any history of violent behaviour or a violent or menacing temperament, or a dog otherwise determined by Producer in its sole discretion to be dangerous.
Truly, the quotation marks are appropriate in this case - as they in essence underline the reality that there IS not such breed as "pit bull" - merely a large number of dogs of mixed heritage that fit the general and vague description of such - blocky heads, musclar, short-haired - the choices are myriad and HAVE, again and again, shown to be any of a number of mixed breed dogs - NONE of which are by nature aggressive or in any way dangerous.

As a long-time supporter and champion of CBC, you've just lost me.
Not only becuase you clearly have NO clue what "pit bulls" are like - try doing some research CBC people and show some real journalistic integrity - but becuase you so blithly condemn dogs simply based on their appearance - an appearance moreover that can vary dramatically yet falls under the racist and prejudicial onus of the McGinty Liberals who are intent on creating hysteria and have been adept and sadly successful as spreading misinformation and lies.

On your page seeking competitors, you state:
Who is Toto?

Toto is a bright fun loving companion full of energy and charisma who loves the spotlight and definitely isn't camera shy. Our Toto must be able to put a smile on anyone's face with clever tricks and affectionate behavior. Toto is faithful, heroic and an entertainer extraordinaire. Toto will have eyes that twinkle merrily back at our winning Dorothy, sure to turn the greyest of days into vibrant colorful adventures.
Guess what, CBC - you JUST described most of the "pit bulls" i know! To the T - bright, fun loving, full of energy and charisma just about describes most pitties I have known and loved! Furthermore, Pitties have a LONG and illustrious history on stage, cinema and in media generally.
  • Early 1900s Military chose an image of a dignified pit bull to represent the country on World War I propaganda posters. 
  • The pit bull is the only dog to have been on the cover of Life Magazine three times
  • Buster Brown dog is a pittie
  • Flashdance Dog Grunt is a pittie
  • Pit bulls have been featured in the films Snatch, Homeward Bound, Oliver, Babe: Pig in the City and No Country For Old Men
  • Petey of Rascals fame is a classic "pittie"

 There are numerous other examples not cited here - but their natural intelligence, their delight in attention and clownish natures make them natural actors.

So CBC, sadly, your lack of journalistic integrity, your perpetuation of the same slanderous lies and myths espoused by the McGinty government, your willingness to embrace and disseminate hatred against innocent animals based only on appearance has only hastened the inevitable demise of what was once a venerable Canadian institution. Based on realities like this, no wonder.

Yours truly,


  1. YAY way to go. That's tellin em.

  2. For those going to Woofstock PLEASE meet at the CBC "over the rainbow" booth and wear something YELLOW to show solidarity for ALL dogs and to show Support for Hersheys Bill 16. Sat and Sun between 2 and 4pm.

  3. CBC deserves a good smack down. They should know better! They have always chosen the side of discrimination when it comes to this issue but what do you expect from a Lieberal outlet?

  4. This is how change happens when one take the time to challenge such ignorance. KUDOS.

  5. Good going, Tailspin. Since the CBC is federal, also write your federal Member of Parliament, the CBC Audience Relations and the CBC Ombudsman.

  6. And hit them in the wallet. Find out who`s advertising on the show and tell them you won`t buy their products while they buy advertising time on this program.

  7. AMAZING message, you are a great writer and captured my thoughts exactly. Shame on these people.