Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Slán go fóill Lennox ... you deserved better

Added: Reading an article by Victoria Stillwell (a certified dog expert and celebrity trainer) you can't help but wonder if the reason that Lennox is being killed is becuase to release him would show the extent of the abuse he has suffered under the aegis of the Belfast Council for the past two years. From her account, his skin is raw and oozing, he has cuts and bruises, he is sick and in terrible physical and emotional shape YET still shows NO aggression.

Despite a world-wide appeal for compassion and common sense, an innocent dog will lose his life today

Lennox has never attacked anyone.

Lennox has never bitten anyone.

Lennox has never threatened or in any way exhibited aggression.

For two long, heart-breaking years, a Belfast family has fought hard and gloriously to try to save the life of a dog condenmed ENTIRELY on his appearance.  A dog that two certified experts describe as loving and sweet.  A dog that has been living in deplorable physical, mental and emotional conditions.  A dog condemned by an ignorant, biased, racist and STUPID city council that for all intents and purposes, are putting their fingers in their ears and refusing to listen.  A council incapable of rational thought.  A council now despised and reviled by an audience from a hundred different countries.

Today, his wonderful family has lost the war.  As reported by BBC news, the appeal has been denied and Lennox is to be murdered.   Caroline Barnes, my heart breaks for you.  Your refusal to give up on your beloved dog is an inspiration and an example for dog-lovers everywhere. I am sorry this day for your broken heart.

Lennox, you deserved more.

Lennox, we have failed you.

My heart breaks for this poor dog who has lived a sad, neglected and lonely existence for two years while the people who knew him and loved him best did everything they could to save him. 

Perhaps this ignorant council will at least let them see him to his final rest.

SHAME on you Belfast courts.

SHAME on you Belfast Council.

Your ignorance is known throughout the globe.

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  1. Hear, hear, but I think it would be too much for Lennox and his family to 'see him to his final rest', if I have understood that correctly.