Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bill 16 - down but not OUT ....

The Liberals are again sticking their collective heads up their ass and in their alternate Liberal universe ignoring the science for the myth.  On May 9, the Bill 16 committee met and despite ALL the evidence shredding the mythology surrounding the Liberal's mythical "pit bull breed", voted NO to all amendments. 

It is beyond infuriating that despite all the hard facts presented showing the ineffectiveness (among other things) of BSL, they continue to hold fast to their fantasies.

Brindle Stick aptly tells us the best way to pick up the lance and strike ... so go here and do it, PLEASE.

I have asked with a meeting with one of the worst proponents of Bill 16 - Lorenzo Beranardetti (unfortunately, my own MPP) - and will report verbatim when and if I hear back (as he has already ignored several of my queries via email).


  1. If your so-called MPP is ignoring your requests for a meeting, contact McGuinty's office, Cheri DiNovo and Randy Hillier and let them know that you, a constituent, are being ignored by your MPP.

  2. And fax your MPP, don't e-mail. E-mails can be routed to junk based on key words.