Wednesday, March 7, 2012

UPDATE: MPP Jack MacLaren has WITHDRAWN Bill 37

Kudos to all those who put time and effort in bringing attention to the deficiencies of this Bill. 


  1. A great deal of credit goes to the author of this blog who, when asked to help get the word out, did not hesitate to respond immediately. It was a very inconvenient and difficult time to concentrate on anything other than the crisis surrounding the author. Thank you so much for being so dedicated to the welfare of animals during a time others preferred to ignore this potentially disastrous piece of legislation. You are not only an excellent writer but a champion.

    1. I too have been fighting this with petitions and media coverage , he is a farmer looking out for easier life for CRUEL farmers.

  2. Have you seen this in writing yet? and if so, where?

  3. I am proud to be part of this, I was a key player in getting this out. From the 2 online petitions to the paper petitions that had been circulated, I tried in vain to make sure that this was known to many.

    My Facebook group as well played a key role, got many others involved who knew who to talk to.

    I'm so glad we won this fight.

  4. I want to thank this blogger for going the extra mile and writing about this Bill to raise public awareness. If this Bill had gone through no animal in Ontario would have have protection, no vet would be obligated to report abuse or suspected abuse and many abusers would have their animals returned. It was the public outcry that stopped this Bill. Tailspin had a great deal to do with that. Despite the fight against Bill 37 coming at a time it was least convenient, Tailspin jumped into action as soon as she received the request. Thank you so much for your continued support of animals and your sense of fair play.

  5. To Anonymus who asked whether I had it in writing - yes, I do, I have an email straight from Mr. MacLaren's Queen's Park assistant.

  6. oh blah blah blah... so did dozens of other people....