Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Some Catch up


I apologize for the tardiness with which I publish comments.  I only recently put some restrictions on them so still am getting used it and have to remember to check more frequently.  Incidentally, as a matter of course, I seldom (almost never) delete or suppress comments - in fact, the only blog to date was one where the in-fighting got out of hand and into the realm of childishness.

Dogs and RAW Diet:

Second, just a quick update on my starving dogs! All is well and they are adjusting beautifully to their new and improved RAW diet.  They are definitely the better for it and I will hopefully get some new photographs (where they don't look like vampire or zombie dogs as Fred of Pound Dogs rightfully pointed out happens when one tries to photograph dogs inside). So I'm going to take his advice from his blog here on photographing dogs and try to find some time to actually get some decent shots.

BUT, they are now eating (most) of what they get for dinner - and LOVING it.  Llyr is channelling his inner wolf and will grab his turkey wing, and trailing a bony protuberance from the corner of his mouth, book it to the corner of the yard for fear someone will steal it.  Finn horks the veggies down (which I spend up to 2 hours blanching and cutting up in bulk every second week - damn, cooking more for the dogs than us), inhales the organ meats and like the Princess she is, brings me her wings to "hold" while she chows down.  Turkey necks have proved thus far to be unpopular so are currently off the menu but drumsticks, wings and carcasses are popular.

They look AMAZING.  Finn's former coarse coat is soft was silk.  She doesn't seem to have lost weight, but has changed shape ... she is sleek and shapely.  Llyr is displaying the biggest changes - his coat which has always been problematic, dull and thin is lush and thick and shines like ebony.  Colours are appearing on what used to a predominantly black coat, browns, tans and some patches of blonde.  While he would still be called a 'black' dog, his coat is definitely changing.  What is most encouraging, however, is while his back end is still weak, the progress of his degenerative myleopathy which was horrifying me in its swiftness before Xmas has dramatically declined.  His haunches are markedly stronger, he trips less, he is jumping and leaping like he has not done for months and months.  The bloodroot for his spleen, the HA-180 he is getting for his joints together with a healthy, natural diet are proving to be a positive and clearly favourable mix for him.

Bill 37:

Stand by as I have been told a slightly altered Bill will be forthcoming. Will post details when I receive them.  They are rumoured to include the OSPCA retaining its current authority to investigate domestic animals, with the Department of Agriculture suggested as the inspector of farm animals and wildlife.  No comments yet until I see what the suggested Bill actually recommends.


Peter Worthington has an excellent overview on the pointlessness and inherent "racism" of the current Liberal-championed ban on "pit bulls" here.  Awesome article Mr. Worthington.  Astonishing, however, is the continued ignorance of real facts I see repeated again and again in the comments. Seriously, people, we live in the information age - do a simple google and find out the truth about pit bulls - and it ain't the stupid media hype which I see so many parroting here.  Repeating a WRONG assertion ad infinitum does NOT make it true!

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