Monday, September 5, 2011

Good work THS Volunteers!! $2800 raised at Garage and Bake Sale

Thank you to everyone who donated, everyone who sorted and got sweaty and dirty and worked themselves to the bone to get all prepared and to sort it all and clean it up after. 

Thank you to ALL the amazing bakers who donated such delicious home-baked goods - for humans and pups!  The many baked goods were absolutely scarfed up in NO time.

And thank to Starbucks, 81 Front Street for your generous donation of coffee, amazing Starbucks baked goods and the services of my kid - kudos to Rowan the Barrista for serving coffee to all the wonderful people who stopped by on your one day "off" (after 10 days working!)

Good boys. Good girls!!

Special needs animals will benefit!

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