Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gentle Giant looking for a lap of his own

(A repost-with minor editing due to a personal request)

Meet Goliath... an absolutely beautiful, sweet-natured  and easy-going golden lab.

Goliath was once a puppy, sweet, cuddly and entrancing and at some point must have engaged someone because his manners are impeccable. Unlike many labs, Goliath does not chew things he shouldn't.  Nor is he a barker other than an absolutely captivating, delicious almost baying when you come home from a guy who is so happy to see you that he can't contain himself.

He loves everyone - including other dogs, cats and no doubt anything else that breathes. But his true calling is that he ADORES people and wants nothing more than to sit quietly beside you.

Goliath has allergies which caused skin inflamation and loss of hair when first fostered. Since then, his current mum effected an astonishing improvement in his allergies through the introducation of a raw diet.  His coat has filled in beautifully and there are only a few minor patches which are also improving daily.  A condition of adoption would require potential adopters to continue with the raw diet.  For those unfamalier with the raw food diet, it is actually very easy and takes minimal effort as well as being incredibly healthy for the dog.   In many ways it also more cost-effective.  Dogs see an improvement in energy, their coats shine and many medical issues clear up.

Please, let's work together to find Goliath a home.

About Goliath:

Age:                    5-7 *estimated
Neutered:            Yes
Vaccinations:       Up to date
Temperment:        Easy-going, affable and loving
Energy Level:       Medium - loves a good walk but also content just to be around his people
Medical Issues:    None other than allergies which are contained with a raw diet


  1. Where is this dog located please if we wanted to consider adopting him

  2. Goliath is located in Toronto, Ontario - if you are interested - please email me at and will contact the foster mum to get in touch

  3. If my recollection serves me right, Goliath was up for adoption at the Newmarket branch of the OSPCA in May, 2010 and even had an application(s) in on him. Like all the other animals in the shelter, he was slated to be killed for alleged ringworm by OSPCA head office until protesters managed to stop the cull. My understanding was that he was transferred out to a veterinary clinic. So, did the OSPCA plan to kill him a 2nd time for allergies?

  4. Leanne - I will find out and report back. I only met this boy last night and fell in love. He looks AWESOME - apparently he was in very rough shape- now there is just a few patches left which are in the process of filling in.

  5. Yes for raw feeding!! Our guys were raw fed for the past 4 years. Sadly, we just had to put down one of our dogs. We aren't sure how old he was but he was supposed to be 6 or 7 when we adopted him 9.5 years ago.

  6. Thanks so much for writing this up for Goliath Sheenagh! Hopefully we will find this indeed gentle giant a loving forever home very soon.

    Glad other readers of your blog are into raw feeding as well! It is the BEST food for dogs no doubt about that and Goliath has been thriving on it.

  7. Goliath was up for adoption and had a ton of applications - of really good homes who wanted him. His "skin" condition was never the reason why the OSPCA wouldn't adopt him out. The staff that worked with him adored him and as one of those people I am shocked to see him looking for a home yet again and his skin wasn't bad when he was there.