Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The World mourns for Lennox.. a victim of BSL

In Belfast, Ireland you just have to "look" like the bogyman to spend two horrendous years in horrific conditions.  In Belfast, you just have to have a muscular, blocky body to be taken from your home and incarcerated in a living hell.  In Belfast, the small-minded, vindictive members of council, despite the experienced and solid opinions of certified dog experts, refused to listen.

In Belfast this morning, a dog was killed because Council said he would be and because they could have it done - no matter that there were myriad options for another course of action.  No matter that the dog in question had no history of aggression, no bite accusations, nothing other than he "looked like a pit bull".

And here in Ontario, every single day, responsible, loving owners live in fear of that same knock on the door.

Here in Ontario, innocent family pets have been slaughtered in the thousands, based only on how they look.

Here in our own province, misguided, vindictive and malicious members of the McGinty cabinet continue to stand by their own flawed "studies" which have been shown to be full of rhetoric and gossip and lacking veracity or substance and maintain that the mythical "pit bull" exists and lives in a state of perpetual aggressiveness and slathering need to rend and tear.

Here in Ontario I see a dog walking down the road and feel a sick, sinking feeling in my stomach if the dog "looks" a certain way and is not muzzled - because as this happy dog, stumpy tail wagging, wiggling, loving creature just goes about his business at the other end of the leash, I cringe to think someone might call and accuse him of being one of "those" dogs ... and the knock on the door will herald his demise because he "looks" a certain way.

The world mourns Lennox today and the tragic miscarriage of justice which precipitated a 2 year journey of hell and the ultimate murder based only on some person believing the lies and the myths.

Today, dogs in Ontario face the very same kind of threat, day in and day out.

STOP the madness. Breed specific legislation MUST be defeated.

STOP the slaughter of dogs like Lennox.

Let's start dealing with the REAL problem - irresponsible owners - and embrace the PROVEN reality that a dog is a dog is a dog ...



  1. hey
    i just want to say : remember it's northern ireland - not republic of ireland where i live happily with my pit bull (american staffordshire terrier) but i had to pay alot (1k$) and travel 3 day incl. 17h on the small cruise with her, to get her home because of the uk law!! we couldn't even pass thru uk :(
    BSL is disgrace and it should be stopped!

  2. Indeed, I do know it... Belfast is in the Brit part of the Island! No the free Republic