Monday, January 30, 2012

Give a Dog a Second Chance - how about giving these dogs a FIRST chance?

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The reality is that I don't want to think there are people out there that use the genuine compassion, caring natures and generosity of true animal lovers to enrich themselves.  That use the many terrible realities of abandoned, distressed and abused animals to tug at heartstrings and more importantly (from their perspective), make a buck.

But people like that exist; people with an absence of morals, an absence of compassion and a venial belief in their own entitlement that supersedes the broken bodies they climb over to their goal of easy money. 

Last week, as detailed in detail on Facebook in various forums (here in RAWW'S site and in the Toronto Pet Daily here and here ) as well as in my two blogs below, four distressed, ill and abandoned dogs were ostensibly 'rescued' by a group which calls itself Give a Dog a Second Chance (but is actually now a Doggy Daycare with an rescue element according to their site). 

On this site here (Storm's Animal Allies), apparently a chipin in fund was established (currently at $310) to help vet the animals; BUT, due to legitimate concerns about funds going to an amphorous chipin versus directly to the vet clinic (which is the preferred and most logical way to donate, as there is then transparency AND, more importantly, no question about where the funds are directed), a subsequent genuine and legitmate sequence of questions about the dogs, their location and their condition erupted in yet another litany of accusations, countersuits and squabbling.

While the abject failure of the Peterborough Humane Society is also an issue, the true tragedy here lies in the broken, distressed bodies of four innocent lives that through no fault of their own, have been betrayed on every level by every human being with whom they have come in contact.

Abandoned and neglected in a home in foreclosure - the entire story of what unfolded at 541 Sherbrooke Street, Peterborough remains to be known.

The Peterborough Humane Society won't talk, just (in true OSPCA doublespeak) denies culpability.

The ostensible "rescue" Give a Dog a Second Chance" had such wildly varying renditions of the events that at this point is impossible to really understand what has happened over the past few days.

A storm of controversy, vitriol, allegations, counter allegations and accusations have flown through the virtual air of the world wide web.  At the heart of the matter were genuine animal lovers who were frantic to know the dogs' conditions, where they were located, and most crucial, whether they were getting the medical intervention they so obviously required.

But some things speak for themselves:

After contradictions, outright lies and obvious and blunt dissembling, as of Sunday night, the dogs had NOT been to see a vet.  Despite hyperbole and purple prose about their terrible state, they continue to be secreted in a as yet unnamed location - "too scared" by the "rescue's" words to see a vet - although apparently it was kosher to see  a groomer and a vet tech (whose qualifications are unknown).

But, apparently, these obviously traumatized little dogs, unvetted, unneutered, with NO time at this juncture to de-stress, with absolutely NO opportunity in this small window of time to properly assess their true natures, ARE UP FOR ADOPTION.

The pictures above were screen shots - taken from The Doggies Place (which is where the link brings you when you google Give a Dog a Second Chance) - the Doggies Place so-termed "rescue" page.

This too is a screen shot - one of several I took as I am fairly certain once the duplicity and outright immorality of this self-termed group is revealed for what it truly exemplifies, it will quickly be taken down (no doubt to arise in another form shortly thereafter). 

What you see above is broken trust.

What you see above is broken promises.

What you see above is betrayal in its most revolting form.

And most of all what you see above is total irresponsibility.

For these dogs are in an unknown medical state - by their own words, this organization purports that the dogs have ingested drywall and other potentially life-threatening and inedible materials.  Yet as of last night they had not seen a vet (again, by their own words, they asserted that the dogs would be vetted today but I would highly doubt that)

The temperament of these dogs is also unknown; while dogs, by their nature, are remarkably forgiving - and insofar as the ONE pit bull involved - the MOST loving dog breed of all -   past abuses and neglect must contribute to a questionable state of mind.

A responsible rescue would first and foremost have the dogs under close medical supervision.

A responsible rescue would secondly, have the dogs in a safe, secure and loving place where individuals with the expertise and patience would be provided with the opportunity to first DE-STRESS the dogs - which requires TIME and an understanding of how to do so. 

Only after the dogs have been stabilized medically and given the chance to re-establish a sense of trust and security would it then be possible to assess their temperaments and ascertain what type of remedial help and training would benefit.

Rehabilitation is neither simplistic nor is it quick - but can mean the difference between a dog that runs out of chances to one who finds a forever home.

Unfortunately, these dogs are clearly not being provided with anything - other than a way for an irresponsible and money-hungry individual or individuals to make a quick buck.

FAIL - and betrayal yet again.

Poor dogs.

and SHAME on your Give Dogs a Second Chance or Doggy Daycare or whatever the hell you call yourself now ...

SELLING abused, medically compromised and emotionally unstable dogs (and while we're at it, poor Bullet, also listed there I HOPE is being treated for the case of mange he seems to be sufferring (which is painful and can worsen dramatically if left untreated)) is unethical, cruel and so obviously a ploy to make some money it defies belief.


  1. I continue to be in admiration of you constantly speaking up for those who don't have a voice. You and I often write on the same topics, which is fantastic in that these issues are exposed to more and more people. Cheers :)

    1. once again you guys who stand by each no know facts so learn them before you write gossip..

    2. It's not gossip Melita, when I have my own vet papers to prove that when I got Java from you, who you dropped off at my home Dec 21, 2005 and you said that you would follow up with the vet, then your vet was on holidays for January, then February. I then use Marina Animal Hospital and spent over $300 getting him vetted, microchipped. The fact is you never followed up on your foster/adopted dogs, that's why I never paid you. I paid my own vet.

      Which he turned out to be one great dog, and saved my life, only later to be taken away and beaten and kicked to death by intruders in my home. But he is and always will be one of the best Jack Russells I ever had, and thru him, we fostered other Jacks and trained other dogs to learn his ball games. If you had followed up on your dogs, you wouldn't have the crap haunting you, and you could share the love that I have gotten from that dog. The fact that he got media exposure. For how good he was.

    3. well jett i do remember Java and you did not pay me because you were vetting him and yes he was a great dog sorry he passed on i would not expect you to pay me if you were vetting him and if you were that much wanting him done you would have called me sorry though no excuse but Nat entered my life and that screwed me but no excuse i should have did follow up for that i apologizes..RIP JAVA

  2. After a rash of posts on Storms Animal Allies it was reported by both Texie Torok and Melita Farrugia the dogs were taken to the vet today and identified their vet, purported by them to be the clinic they have used for years. 6:25 p.m. the vet clinic did not have the dogs nor have they seen them at any time.

  3. You and your pose and really pathetic...Storms is not affliated with Melitta,,,,They did some fundraising for 4 dogs when no one else had stepped up...stop spreading your lies and venom...Get your facts straight,,Judging by the questions you all have goes to show the intelligence of your gossip articles...I investigate rescues and such of animal abuse and I will be looking into this...oh and by the way,,,,If you all have any information or emails that I keep hearing about please forward them ..I would love to see some facts behind the words,,,,Storms Animal Allies

  4. Here's a FACT for you Texie. You posted on Storm's FB page that your "FRIEND just rescued 4 dogs from Peterborough area in an abandoned house" and you have the GALL to say you are not affiliated with Melitta!! You are so full of crap, it stinks to high heaven.

    BTW don't bother looking for the post to delete it, I've already got a screenshot of it.

  5. Texie AKA Storms Animal Allies- you have been saying since the begining that you are friends with Melita
    Now, once that you guys are busted for FRAUD, you claim otherwise.

    Too late!
    Heard someone has lawyers on this one.

    1. busted for what ??there is no fraud here except for all of you You guys are the frauds i vetted theses dogs with my own money none of the donations have gone to these dogs yet?

    2. What are you "doing" with money people generously donated "strickly" for the care of these 4 dogs. If you had money as you say "your own" then why did you/Texie cry out for urgent funds needed and mislead people? Are you now refunding people?


  6. To address the comments above from Storm and from Melita of Give a Dog a Second Chance and Texie from Storm:

    I don't have a "pose" or even a posse - in actual fact I don't know most of the people whose own views reflect mine. My comments, my opinions and my blogs are based on the facts of the case as they have been presented by Storm and by Give a Dog a Second Chance and by the comments and assertions made by the varioius individuals posting to the numerous posts (which, incidentallly, have been deleted in their entirety by Storm at last look).

    1.It is a fact, Melita that someone representing your (former -sic) "rescue" asserted they 'rescued' four dogs - and by their own quoted words in the article, these dogs were in a horrific state. Thus far, I have been unable to substantiate that as neither the newspaper nor the various ources mentioned have personally witnessed the state of the dogs.

    2. It is a fact that Storm began a chip-in fund which certain individuals (including myself) objected to as being the type of thing that is open to manipulation; not that it was, but that it MIGHT be as a general rule - as such, it was suggested that donations be made direclty to the vet. It was only after quite a firestorm of individuals (many of whom are most certaintly NOT acquainted with anyone I know), that the vet clinic name was given.

    3.It is a fact that as of yesterday, the dogs had NOT been to see a vet. This despite the fact that a woman had offered to pay the entire shot for their care at the vet and another individual had found a rescue organiation ready, willing and able to take responsiblity (and provide full veternarian care) to these dogs. These very generous offers were ignored despite repeated attempts to establish a dialogue.

    4.It is a fact that as of 3 days ago, you had these unvetted, unassessed dogs (or two of them) ON the Doggy Daycare site for adoption (with only vague promises about being vetted).

    Can you dispute ANY of that?

    And Storm was most definitely involved in a chip in fund and has since removed ANY posts respecting this entire situation, which by the very act of doing so, leaves your motives open to questioning.

    I don't know you.

    I don't know Texie.

    But anyhone with a modicum of common sense would find your actions, at the very least, questionable... and your motivations easily interpreted in a negative light. That is not 'gossip' ... there has not been ONE fact I have mentioned in any of my comments and/or blogs that was based on hearsey or gossip - simply my VIEW on what i was reading and hearing.

  7. Natalie. You are a liar and a con artist. I have been reading the comments and garbage that has been posted. I am not sure why you would think that Storms Animal Allies or GADASC, needs to provide you or anyone that you may be associated with (eg: Lynn Graydon -Elena-Olivia- and the list goes on) proof of anything. You never once state any facts, only comments. In my book, as I am sure with many reputable people, that classifies this TAILSPIN Blog as blather! The only one they need to answer to is the people they help, the people that help with funds for an animal/s, and to themselves! Who do you think you and the rest of the individuals that post this garbage are? In my opinion you are all a cruel, pack of gossiping rabble-rousers. A blog should be filled with information and facts! Not criticism, admonitions, and malicious tripe! It would seem to me that with all the posts you have, you would have some proof to what you write. If not than I am correct! It is all slander and defamation and you are the one that looks imprudent and ludicrous.

    Get you facts together!
    FACT #1-Storms has never once said she was a rescue.

    FACT #2-She has helped many families. They are posted on her web site as well as in her fb page. I spoke with some and they had nothing but goods things to say. Without her they would not have had a clue what direction to go to get their dogs from death row! Not one of them had to pay anything! They had no finances to do so at the time! Who are you to judge how she does it. People make a donation to the animal! Not to Texie Torok. I have not seen any fundraising that said help Texie Torok! They say help a specific animal that is in need.

    FACT #3-Saying those 4 dogs from Peterborough did not exist? Pathetic on your part! The news article was posted...Do you not read anything for facts? You and your group badmouthed both of these individuals, stating that they should not have any thing to due with these dogs! Then said you doubt if the dogs even exist. Were you confused again! It stated right in the paper they were rescued by GADASC. It was not stating that Storms rescued them. Nether did any of the posts on either of their pages, as you so intentionally tried to put out there. Yet from what I read in all of the posts, blogs etc, not one of you offered to step up to help either of them help these dogs. WHY??? Oh and the girl Beth that stated that she would help but it was a loan, needs to reacess what helping really is. How dare you say that you all wanted to see what was best for these dogs. Your disparage only hindered the interest of those dogs.

    FACT #4-Your lies about the dogs being to a vet! They had been to the vet as soon as they were rescued. I know for a fact! I have seen the records and the progress notes! Do you have proof they were not at the vets? NO YOU DON'T

  8. FACT #5-you said and I quote: "Texie Torok(Storm's Animal Alliance) is someone that can never show any proof to back up her claims of helping these people. The latest shenanigans surrounding the case of GADASC "saving" these 4 abandoned dogs and Texie being involved just shows her true colours!” unquote: You and the rest of the cruel people have never had anything dealings with her at all. You are all listening to gossip and allowing your true colours to show through.

    These ladies stepped up to help these dogs. More than I can say I have seen from you or any of your followers!

    Have you had any dealing with Texie Torok/ Storms Animal Allies? Let me tell you some facts! I have been with her when she fought to save a dogs life! She shows the owner all the vet bills, licensing fees etc. that were paid to save their dogs. Not one time did she ask for anything in return. And lord know she never gets anything either! Except ridicule from the likes of you! She is constantly checking up on the families to ensure these dogs continue to live in a happy and loving home. Many times, she did not raise any money. There was no time. The animal was scheduled for euthanization! She paid for everything. I have seen her get calls in the middle of the night to help an animal. I remember a case where she had sat in a snowstorm, in a person’s yard, beside an animal that could not walk and was in such bad condition she was afraid to move it, waiting for the authorities that never came. She sat with this poor soul covering him with our blankets, holding him and trying to get him warm. Don’t tell me she is not an angel sent for animals. She gives her heart and her soul and cries more days than not. And for you to attack her is unforgivable.

    Why do you think she owes you any explanation as to her financial reports? Or how many dogs she has saved and how or what manner she does it? Are you the FBI of dog rescue? This is none of your business!

    FACT #6-you said “Lynn from RAAW had checked in Tuesday evening with the vet." Well one of you is a liar! I know for a fact that is an out and out LIE! I know the vet and they never heard from any LYNN. I have seen the papers and I know that these dogs were seen when rescued. Not by this vet, but someone else. They were at the vet for a follow up on TUESDAY.

    You slander and indictment only prove to all those reading, this how pathetic you all really are.
    If I were Texie or Melitta, I would not respond to your blather either. You manipulate everything to make them look bad and make yourselves look good. My suggestion...Apologize and leave them to do what they do and that none of you do. That is SAVING ANIMALS LIVES!

  9. Wayne, I will leave your comments - as I do all comments - despite the hystria implicit in yhour tone. HOwever, but in actual fact, to put you straight on a few things.

    1. I certainly never asked Melita or texie to post their financial dealings - I simply recommended as I do for any rescue group that anyone willing to donate should do so directly to the vet who is treating the animals - after having ensured tht the money goes directly to the vet and to those animals. That is just good practice and is not targetting ANY group individually but is across the board for all rescue groups. I continue to be wary when a rescue group gets hysterical about this - becuase any legitimate group i have dealt with is MORE than happy to do it that way (and yes, Wayne, I have been actively invovled in working, directly and through various groups, in ACTUAL rescues for 15 years).

    2. Second, I have YET to receive what I consider comfortable confirmation the dogs actually existed - although I am willing to suspend belief and probably agree they did and were taken in my melitta. However, saying the paper said it so it's true is so naieve that it is pathetic. As a former journalist, NO ONE is more aware of how easy facts can be mis-reproted, incorrectly stated or twisted than I!! Further, I have no high opinion of the paper in question in view of the fact that neither the editor nor the reporter got back to either myself or a number of other individuals. So, your assumption 'it was published so its true" is at best naieve, at worst stupid.

    3. Insofar as whether they were at the vet's - the actual conversation myself and a few others had WITH the vets leaves no room for error - they weren't there at the times we stated. Whether they were there after the fact may well be - but I stand behind our assertion they were NOT there by the time Melitta had posted them for adoption!

    The bottom line, Wayne, is that you, like everyone else is entitled to your opinion. if you have had good relations and a positive opinion, more power to you. Based only on the facts (and i stand behind them), these women are either out and out liars, very ineffective rescuers who are unable to clearly understand that the role of rescuer involves more than simply taking in a dog, or simply misguided - if the latter see my blog about Love is Not Enough.

    I say again, I don't know these women (Texie and Melitta)- I based my writings only on what unfolded and actual realities - I don't even know most of the people who have commented other than through email and various rescue groups.

    In the end, we form our own opiions.

    As someone involved in a rescue for a long time, they have NOT been forthcoming, straight or realitic - as such they have themselves left things open to interpretation.

    Rave on, luckily we live in an ostensible democratic society and are entitled to form our own opinions.

  10. CLOSING comments - i think I've allowed everyone to have a fair say but at this juncture, everything is moot. People are entitled to their own opinions and I've given them a forum in which to air them; however, from this point on, everything is repetitive.