Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Two good things... BRAVO Toronto City Council!

Toronto council has made some good decisions in the past week.

First, Toronto Zoo's elephants finally get to go to a climate and place that better meets their needs. Surprisingly, it is the councillor for my Ward that put forth motion - good JOB Michelle Beranedetti!

Berardinetti said councillors could be assured the elephants would not be moved again but would stay in the spacious facility, which includes an elephant sized whirlpool to treat arthritis.

The Galt, California PAWS sanctuary for old and ailing animals will allow Toronto's elephants to live out their lives in a climate more suited to their nature and with 80 acres to roam, will more clearly approximate a natural environment for them.

I am cautiously pleased that society is finally recognizing the wrongs we have enacted against these magnificant creatures with their sensitive natures and complex, complicated and rich culture and making serious attempts to rectify them.

Toronto city council then voted and approved a motion to ban the sale and consumption of shark fins - joining 3 other cities in Ontario in an effort to stave off the very real potential of extinction of this magnificant species of fish.  Rob Stewart, who produced the documentary Sharkwater, detailing the terrible toll being taken on sharks throughout the world, was jubilant:

I think it will set a precedent morally that Canada wants to ban shark fins and I think a federal ban will follow shortly after,” he said. “When your biggest city comes out and says 38-4 that they want a world where sharks have a future, I think the federal government will act, too.”

While disappointing, I'm not surprised at the disgruntled comments which accompany the article in the Star.

You know what, people? City council is EXACTLY where it should start!  The reality of the horrific practice of cutting of the shark's fins and then throwing them back to drown MUST be stopped- and it can and will start with the individual, move up to local government , then to the provincial and THEN to federal.   Read and watch these videos if you really think this barbaric practice should continue (warning, graphic and upsetting).

REAL change starts from the ground up- kudos to City Council for taking on these challenges

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  1. While these two decisions are wonderful I think they represent only one small part of this victory. The victory is also contained in the fact that these stories made headlines and are considered news. Slowly but surely we see more and more evidence that public awareness about animal welfare is increasing. Every time I see a story in the news about an animal I take it as one more step forward to bring about humane animal welfare. Even 2 or 3 years ago this subject would not have garnererd any ink in the press. We have a long way to go but we have also come a long way in our fight for animals in my opinion. Let's keep on fighting the good fight.