Thursday, December 1, 2011

Really CBC??

On Cheri DiNova's facebook  page, I noted that CBC is apparently having a "discussion" tonight about pit bulls:
More BREAKING NEWS! CBC is doing a piece on the BAN tonight and are quoting the new Attorney General on twitter saying how the BAN is working. Wonder if it's based on the Global TV reporta week ago which has been proven to NOT be accurate?

Heading over to the CBC website, I put in "pit bull" into the search engine in an attempt to find the article or announcement in question - what came up (dated August 31 of this year) was the following:

Wednesday August 31, 2011 .What to do about pit bulls?

HRM councillor Gloria McClusky and Cole Harbour veterinarian Don Slaunwhite give their views on these aggresive dogs.
REALLY CBC? that's journalism? that's unbiased?  That's like one of those questions for which there is no RIGHT answer ... before the discussion on that date even began, the dogs were (wrongly) labelled "aggressive"...

I'm absolutely disgusted...

And the rational minds are growing... another MPP stands up for pit bulls

MPP Randy Hillier (MPP for Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington) yesterday tabled a bill to repeal the absurd, misguided and outrageous McGinty-driven ban on pit bulls, in effect since 2005.
In standing up for dogs which do not have a voice, he joins the ranks of rational, compassionate politicians (which are all too few). 

Cheri DiNovo (MPP for Parkdale/High Park) has been fighting the good fight for several years now - usually on her own - to ban this piece of unscientific, erroneous and hysterical piece of legislation. 

Finally, another advocate for animals, Frank Klees - MPP for Newmarket, Aurora  (who has targeted the corrupt and INhumane OSCPA) has also raised his voice in support of repealing the breed ban.

Since 2005, Ontario has ferociously, without conscience and cruelly, slaughtered THOUSANDS of innocent dogs - all based on a concept that has been proven time and again to be fallacious.  These dogs (and puppies) were wrested from homes, picked up and given no chances, destroyed at will and have in many cases, resulted in thousands of dollars in legal costs as desperate owners fought to save the lives of their beloved pets.


Gobal TV blithely lied through their teeth last week in a monumental display of the very worst of Fleet Street Journalism, quote Public Health statistics which do not (and never have) existed "showing" a decline in bites since the legislation was enacted.  Thankfully, Yvette Van Veen in a Star article clearly showed the truth of the matter in this article - which amply illustrates what most of us have always known - banning any breed is pointless as there is NO one breed that harbours an innate aggressiveness or viciousness.  Sadly, the "pit bull" actually tests HIGHEST on the American temperament test for bite inhibition and friendliness to humans, contrary to the hysterical claims of "bred in the bone meanness".  The very fact that there are so many stories of dogs rescued from horrific fight situations that end up as loving family pets and even therapy dogs attests to the sweet nature of these animals.

There is, first and foremost, the REALITY that "pit bull" is simply a catch phrase which encompasses a vast array of dogs with similar characteristics in appearance - Staffordshire terriers, American bulldogs, boxers, and other breeds and mixes. Based ONLY on incorrect and misguided "statistics" which are (and have been) easily refuted and shown to be wrong, the Ontario Liberals courted public opinion, bolstered by a tendency on the part of media to "hype" any story that involved a dog that in any way or form resembled some kind of bully dog and have managed to create a miasma and misplaced atmosphere of terror around dogs which by their VERY NATURE are loving, protective and sweet.

PLEASE, take a few minutes to contact each of these MPPs and tell them how appreciative YOU are that they are fighting this piece of legislation at the emails below:

Frank Klees at
Cheri DiNovo at
and our latest hero, Randy Hillier at

They need to hear our voices.

They need to know we support them.

They need to know we CARE.