Thursday, December 30, 2010

Forgive Michael Vicks?? NOT in this lifetime!

UPDATE: and some people REALLY think that this piece of garbage deserves to have people forgot what he did??  Check out this story.  So I already had heard about the electocuting, the beatings, the fightings, drownings ... but had missed out that he also threw family PETS into the pit of fighting dogs and found it amusing to watch them be torn to pieces... and that he and his friends took one dog that didn't mee their "exacting" standars and seized the poor wee dog and repeatedly slammed it into the pavement until its back, neck and legs were broken...

I reiterate - this is not straying from the light side to the dark side. This is a deeply disturbed, psychotic, sadistic sack of shit that NEVER deserved to get his goddam life back.

Anyone who cares about animals is pretty familiar not just with the atrocities vested on innocent dogs by Vicks et al but the subsequent efforts to whitewash, excuse and deny the absolute ATROCITIES vested on dogs they deemed "useless" - from hanging to electricuting to using already injured, frightened and abused dogs as target practice, what occurred at the horror house of the Vicks Estate was not negligible. It was not "ignorance".  It was not "acting out" or "youthful follies".  It was and is and will always be pathologically sick behaviour of an evil, disturbed man who is CELEBRATED for acting out his violent tendencies.

And you, Mr. president - you think that we should FORGIVE him?

We're not talking about some kid kicking a dog. We're not talking about dog owners who are "ignorant" in the true sense of the word and think tethering and tying out their dogs is accetable. We're not talking about people who don't understand the needs of dogs and fail to meet them deliberately.

We're talking about an intelligent, ambitious, canny athlete who systematically, happily, with enjoyment (they were LAUGHING in some videos as dogs were tortured) , and with impunity tortured, killed, maimed and destroyed the poor pathetic lives of a lot of innocent animals.

No, you do NOT get to say "sorry" and all is forgiven - or you shouldn't be ALLOWED to.

Perhaps most indicative of the rot that infests our society is society's willingness to overlook evil in their slavish adoration of the gladiators of today.  Again and again you read about "stars" beating up their wives or girlfriends, hurting animals, cheating, fighting, and yes, torturing animals and even people and again and AGAIN society 'forgives' them as if somehow athletic, acting or some other form of prowess exonerates them from decency and responsibility.


Can someone explain to me why money chumps morality? Why the ability to generate revenue excuses sadism?  Why having a star next to your name releases you from societal imperatives which have been created, agreed to and legislated to make this world habitable for us all?

And it is not just the piece of shit team owner that took that disgusting, sadistic, piece of shit BACK but every single person who supports the team, every single person who turns on the NFL and watches a game when they are playing, every single fan, individual and supporter is equally guilty.

The public was given the chance to make their will known.

They were provided with the opportunity to boycott, reject and say NO to Vicks coming back but they did NOT.

Our society truly is a sad one.

Forgive Michael Vicks? NEVER - any more than I would forgive, exonerate or overlook the other sick psychotic "stars" out there (hear me, Charlie Sheen? Sound familiar Mel Gibson?) yeah and all the others who think (and unfortunately seem to  BE) above the law, above society's level of tolerance.

You'll never find me watching you. You'll never see me supporting you nor anyone who in your business career supports you.

I just hope there are a lot more of us out there.